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White Pine Electric Power LLC

White Pine Electric Power LLC  (Visit website)

White Pine , MI

Energy Producers- Developers

White Pine Electric Power LLC is a sister company to White Pine Copper Refinery Inc. Located in White Pine, Michigan, White Pine Electric Power has three 20 megawatt (MW) turbines, along with two riley-stoker dual fired coal as gas powered boilers, capable of operating two of the three units. The third unit was originally ran off of waste steam from the mining operations when the site was fully operational and now a potential 20 MW biomass project is undergoing a feasibility study. The powerhouse was built by Stone & Webster in 1954 and provided a load to the mining facility between 38 - 44 MW until its closure in 1996. In 1998 the power plant ran for a brief period of time and sold spot sales electricity to an AES on the grid. In May of 2003, the Silver Lake flood incident forced the power plant back online for a short term basis. Since then the plant has separated from White Pine Copper Refinery to form White Pine Electric Power. White Pine Electric Power is now selling power to the grid as part of a long term contract with a local utility company. White Pine Electric Power currently employees 21 Union Employees on the operations and maintenance staff. There are also 5 full time salary employees. Maintenance and administrative labor is shared between the power plant and the refinery through an operations agreement. White Pine Electric Power operates U.P. Power Marketing, the retail energy sales end of the business.

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