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Zilkha Renewable Energy

Zilkha Renewable Energy  (Visit website)

Houston , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

The Zilkha Biomass Unit offers many economic and environmental advantages and benefits compared to traditional turbine-based electricity generating systems. Cogeneration power systems presently available in the marketplace are usually either combustion turbine-based systems utilizing oil, natural gas, or propane, or steam turbine-based systems, many of which require natural gas, fuel oil, coal, or various other solid fossil fuels to operate steam turbine generators for the production of electricity. Some steam turbine-based systems use wood fuel, but efficiencies are less than those of the Zilkha Biomass Unit because they do not use our proprietary pressurized combustion system. A primary disadvantage of conventional gas-turbine systems is that they use fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, or propane). The larger of these systems are restricted to natural gas to be economical. At times natural gas is not readily available at a host facility, or it is subject to volatile price increases or delivery interruptions. For a variety of reasons, including the high capital cost associated with boilers and other equipment necessary to operate steam turbines, conventional steam turbine-based systems are generally not considered economically attractive at sizes below 10 to 15 megawatts. This effectively limits the market for conventional steam turbine systems to larger industrial and commercial users and utilities.

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