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M&H Enterprises, Inc

M&H Enterprises, Inc  (Visit website)

Houston , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

M&H Enterprises, Inc. is the holding company for M&H Energy Services and M&H Systems. M&H Energy Services is a leading independent design and engineering company that is focused on the delivery of innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. M&H Systems provides professional and technical consulting services to companies across all industries. These two companies often work together to deliver high quality services across organizations, meeting their engineering, operations and maintenance challenges.

M&H Enterprises, Inc. continues to build on our solid foundation and history of leadership through stringent dedication to client service. Our professionals and technical staff are highly qualified and experienced and remain client focused, working to understand the unique challenges each is facing and implementing solutions that will drive value, enhance operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

M&H has successfully completed many engineering design and construction management projects including oil and gas pipelines, petroleum processing facilities, and pipeline integrity management systems. We specialize in gas, liquid, and CO2 pipelines, river crossings, compressor stations, meter stations, production facilities and gas conditioning and processing facilities. Our client base consists of companies throughout the industrial sector, ranging from independent oil and gas producers to the large, multinational companies.

Our formula for success is solid and simple. It starts with a highly focused corporate philosophy committed to developing innovative solutions to complex problems that result in reduced operating costs and improved productivity. It is backed by a seasoned team of engineering professionals dedicated to quality performance and client satisfaction. And it is anchored by cutting-edge software systems that provide continuous project monitoring and real-time tracking of designated performance data for optimizing project management and cost control. The result is a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm that speaks your language, understands your unique management and operational challenges, and delivers on time.......every time.

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