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Patriot Solar Group

Patriot Solar Group  (Visit website)

Albion , MI

Energy Producers- Developers

Patriot Solar Group is striving to become one of the most recognized brands of heavy-duty solar trackers in the solar industry. Our product line has evolved into a broad range of solar tracking systems, pole mount systems and a complete line of distribution solar products designed for easy and quick installations.

Every Patriot Solar Group system is designed to offer the best possible performance for a given project. This project-specific focus, along with dependable quality and cutting-edge innovation, is making Patriot Solar Group America's #1 brand. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and service in the solar industry.

Recognized internationally for innovative technology and superior quality, we manage our entire production process, from research and development to manufacturing to product management. This strict "start-to-finish" control over production processes provides the foundation for the enhancement of existing products and new product development. Our manufacturing plant is centrally located and is able to meet the delivery requirements of our customers across North America.

Manufacturing performance in the 21st century requires flexibility, market responsiveness, technical expertise, and unsurpassed quality of each product. We endorse the principles of sustainability, including the need to balance economic growth, social development and environmental factors in how we operate our business and promote our products. We focus on manufacturing and product innovation to support the development of products with environmentally preferred characteristics.

Patriot Solar Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality units using only the best materials for solar and lighting products for home and commercial use that support renewable energy. Our products are environmentally safe, efficient, and affordable while offering the peace of mind of high durability able to withstand the ravages of wind, ice, and water. Our manufacturing processes are based on automotive quality standards to ensure high quality and reliability the first time.

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