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MAGE SOLAR Projects, Inc

MAGE SOLAR Projects, Inc  (Visit website)

Alpharetta , GA

Energy Producers- Developers

Though the sun is 4.5 billion years old, the idea of using its energy is still in its infancy. Even when the MAGE GROUP began producing the first components for solar units in 1994, renewable energy was still at a pioneering stage. However, since that time the solar industry has developed into a global growth market. In fact, it is now a driving force of the world economy, with annual growth rates soaring to more than 30%.

MAGE SOLAR® leads the way in the dynamic and exciting photovoltaic arena, and ours is a name that symbolizes success. We have an unyielding commitment to innovative engineering and a never-ending dedication to establishing the highest quality standards possible. All of which is backed by an incomparable support team with vast international experience. Perhaps this is why we’ve grown at more than twice the speed of the industry average last year.

However, we believe our substantial growth is also due in part to the strong foundation of subsidiaries we’ve established throughout the world. These allow us to always remain on the forefront of technology, always exploring new possibilities wherever they may be. On that note, we expect the U.S. solar market to enjoy rapid and healthy growth in the coming years. So it has now become the primary focus of MAGE SOLAR.®

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