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Intrinergy/Enviva Biomass

Intrinergy/Enviva Biomass  (Visit website)

Richmond , VA

Energy Producers- Developers

Intrinergy is one of the world’s leading biomass energy companies. As major utilities and other energy consumers seek energy independence and a reduced carbon footprint, biomass is emerging as a compelling resource in the renewable energy sector. Each of our trifocal product offerings aids in reducing greenhouse gases, landfill contributions, fossil fuel dependency, and energy costs to our customers. Through our subsidiaries, we manufacture high-quality wood pellets, source and process woody biomass, and build, own, and operate CHP facilities around the world.

Intrinergy’s Enviva Materials has been aggregating and delivering wood and other biomass for Intrinergy facilities and third parties in the US and Europe since 2004. Our seasoned team of foresters and operators has over a century of combined experience in the biomass industry. Currently, Enviva Materials product catalog includes Enviva Wood Chips, Enviva Mini Chips, and Enviva Micro Chips, as well as alternative biomass feedstock like rice hulls and coconut shells. We have also begun testing energy crops, which, over time, we expect to become a core component of our biomass supply strategy.

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