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American Biomass Distribution, LLC

American Biomass Distribution, LLC  (Visit website)

Goffstown , NH

Energy Producers- Developers

We’re a company of about 40 employees, based in New Hampshire with a passion for wood pellets! We were founded in 2006 as PelletSales.com, but have recently updated our name and Web site in an effort to reach even more people (with an easier to remember name).

Our goal is to streamline both the flow of materials and the flow of information in the biomass industry. Transportation can be up to 50 percent of the cost of wood pellets, so we focus on always finding the shortest possible path between a manufacturer and you, saving you money.

Right now, in most markets, this means providing bagged pellet fuels, but we soon expect to be able to offer bulk delivery of wood pellets more broadly.

Our network helps us make pellet fuel easy:

* Dozens of wood pellet manufacturers are standing by to help us meet demand
* Our affiliations with more than 100 stove manufacturers and their affiliated stove shops help us keep in touch with product requirements and industry trends.
* Our carrier and distribution center network is unrivaled in the industry, providing us nationwide coverage.
* Our corporate affiliates provide additional insight into the national and international trends in this market.

Our mission is to make it very easy to find, buy, and use wood pellets and other bio-fuels to heat your home. We ship the best fuels in the industry to you through the most efficient transportation methods available – right to your home.

We believe that direct thermal combustion (that's fire) from renewable carbon-neutral wood waste and other agricultural wastes to heat our homes is one of the best ways to reduce our dependency on heating oil, propane, natural gas, coal, and the electricity that's generated with them.

We look forward to providing you pellets this year and in years to come.

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