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BTI Wind Energy

BTI Wind Energy  (Visit website)

Greensburg , KS

Energy Producers- Developers

The Harvest the Wind Network was born out of a 4th generation family business - BTI Inc. For four generations, the Estes family has supported local farmers with a full lineup of John Deere products. The partnership between our family and yours began in 1944 when Ralph Estes co-founded Bucklin Tractor and Implement Company in southwest Kansas. In 1960, his son, Maynard, became president, and in 1987 that role was passed on to his son, Kelly Estes. Since its beginning in 1944, BTI grew into a well respected implement dealer with 4 locations throughout Kansas

BTI Wind Energy is one of the many success stories that was born in the aftermath of total devastation. On May 4th, 2007, Greensburg, KS was completely destroyed by one of the most powerful tornados ever documented. Along with every other business in Greensburg, the tornado completely destroyed the dealership, all of its inventory, and the largest employer in town. The small southwest Kansas Town resolved to rebuild as the “greenest city” in America. Led by president Kelly Estes and General Manager Mike Estes, BTI Inc. was reborn, and the business was opened with a new addition, BTI Wind Energy LLC.

BTI Wind Energy formed The Harvest the Wind Network of dealers to sell, service, and support wind energy products across North America. This network was started as an effort to show the world what renewable energy can do for local business, homes, schools, hospitals and many more, just as it did in Greensburg. The Harvest the Wind Network believes in implementing wind energy effectively throughout North America and bringing green economic benefits to local communities.

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