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Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.  (Visit website)

Amarillo , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a tax-exempt, consumer-owned public utility, organized in 1984 to provide low cost, reliable electric service for its rural distribution cooperative members. Its 16 member systems serve more than 185,000 retail consumers located in the Oklahoma Panhandle and an area covering 24 percent of Texas land area including the Panhandle, South Plains and Edwards Plateau Regions.

GS Electric Generating Cooperative, Inc. was formed by Golden Spread in 1996 as a wholly owned affiliate to engage in exempt wholesale generating activities. GSEGC is a 50 percent owner of the 480 megawatt Mustang Station, a gas-fueled, combined cycle generating plant located near Denver City, Texas.

Yoakum Electric Generating Cooperative, Inc. was formed in 2005, also as a wholly-owned affiliate to own and operate Mustang Station Unit 4, a new 150 megawatt combustion turbine-generator. The generating unit was completed in 2006, and in 2007 Mustang Station Unit 5, a second 150 megawatt combustion turbine-generator, was completed at the same site.

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