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SG Biofuels

SG Biofuels  (Visit website)

Encinitas , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

Our vision comes from seeds of opportunity: the opportunity to provide the global energy market with a sustainable, low-cost source of oil that reduces carbon emissions, preserves ecosystems and has a positive economic impact on local communities.

SG Biofuels is a bioenergy crop company that is meeting the global demand for sustainable plant oil by using breeding and biotechnology to develop and produce elite seeds of Jatropha. With a fully integrated platform featuring a world-class leadership and science team, the most advanced crop improvement program in the industry and deep expertise in all phases of plantation development and management, SG Biofuels is bringing the opportunities of Jatropha to reality.

The SG Biofuels leadership team includes executive management, energy, petrochemical, biotechnology and agribusiness veterans with a proven track record scaling both community and commercial agricultural projects. Our science team includes more than 100 years combined experience in plant molecular genetics and agronomics, including two members of the National Academy of Sciences, the industry's highest honor.

Following more than three years of research and development of the world's largest, most diverse library of Jatropha genetic material with over 6,000 genotypes, SG Biofuels has launched the JMax Jatropha Optimization Platform. The platform provides growers and plantation developers with access to the highest yielding and most profitable Jatropha in the world, the sequenced Jatropha genome and advanced biotechnology and synthetic biology tools to optimize elite seeds of Jatropha for their unique growing conditions.

The company's first product, JMax 100, is the world's first elite cultivar with projected yields 100 percent greater than existing commercial varieties, resulting in a 300 percent increase in profits. Current production costs for JMax 100 are at $1.40 per gallon ($58 per barrel). The company has identified a range of traits impacting both yield and input costs, and through a combination of breeding and biotechnology will ultimately lower the production cost of crude Jatropha oil to $0.75 per gallon.

SG Biofuels has been named one of the Top 50 companies in bioenergy by Biofuels Digest and one of the Top 100 emerging clean tech companies by Always On.

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