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Power Protection Unlimited

Power Protection Unlimited  (Visit website)

Baltimore , MD

Energy Producers- Developers

If your critical systems are not adequately protected from power fluctuations and outages, the consequences can be devastating to your business. Power surges, sags, spikes, and blackouts caused by storms or by faulty wiring can stop your critical systems in their tracks - leaving your critical data and expensive hardware vulnerable to loss, corruption, and damage.
We offer sensible power solutions that are customized to fit the needs of every business - from small networks to large data centers and everything in between.

Keeping YOUR business running smoothly and avoiding the loss or corruption of critical information is what drives OUR business. We go the extra mile to deliver individual attention and power solutions tailored to meet the changing needs of each and every client.

Power Protection Unlimited has the expertise, top-notch products, and service solutions to address all of your power protection needs.

Our Services

The Power of Preparation

Being prepared for unexpected power fluctuations means your critical information keeps flowing - uninterrupted and untouched. The integrity of your data and computer capabilities stands uncompromised. That's the peace of mind you get from a Power Protection Unlimited power solution.

We offer a comprehensive line of UPS, battery, and electrical services, from battery testing and replacement, to full-coverage UPS maintenance plans, to equipment installations and infrared scanning.

Battery Replacement Service
Battery Preventive Maintenance
Battery Monitoring Service
Battery Capacity Testing
Battery Recycling UPS Services
Infrared Scanning
Electrical Services

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