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Guardian Water & Power

Guardian Water & Power  (Visit website)

Charlotte , NC

Energy Producers- Developers

Founded in 1983, our original name was WaterMaster America, Inc. and our primary business focus was water submetering. Since the company was founded, we have pioneered many water submetering concepts and techniques including customer equivalency billing practices, consumption analysis procedures, radio-frequency meter kits for owner-installed systems and innovative financing options.

We have continually invested in our utility billing software to meet the unique information needs of real estate investors, property managers, apartment residents and commercial tenants.

In the early years of our business, we consulted with various regulatory agencies and participated in efforts to help solidify the legal foundation of utility submetering.

Advances in metering technology coupled with rising energy costs gradually broadened the scope of our work to include gas and electric submetering. In 2001 we established our PowerMaster® subsidiary to provide gas and electric submetering services. Today, we offer all of our water, electric and gas submetering services under one roof and one name: Guardian Water & Power.

As one of the oldest and most established submetering companies in the country, our longevity speaks to our commitment to the future. This commitment is reflected in the ongoing enhancements of our online information services, IT capabilities and established relationships with outside advisors to help guide the course of our business development in the years ahead.

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