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Infigen Energy

Infigen Energy  (Visit website)

Sydney , Australia

Energy Producers- Developers

Infigen Energy (“Infigen”) is a leading independent renewable energy business with interests in 35 wind farms (2,194 MW installed capacity) across Australia, the US and Germany.
The social and political environment for renewable energy is particularly favourable. With the increased focus on sustainability and broader environmental concerns, renewable energy is now an essential and growing component of a low emission energy mix. The global wind energy industry in particular is experiencing significant growth – as demonstrated by a 31% increase in global installed capacity in 2009 and forecast average annual growth of 22% for the years 2009-2013*.
Key facts**:
Infigen Energy generates enough power across its portfolio to meet the needs of over 750,000 homes.
Infigen Energy's renewable energy generation represents a saving of approximately 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.
Infigen Energy, formerly called Babcock & Brown Wind Partners, was formed in June 2003 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in October 2005. On 29 April 2009, at an Extraordinary General Meeting, securityholders approved the name change to Infigen Energy.
The name Infigen is derived from the words infinite and generation: infinite, reflecting the unlimited availability of renewable fuel sources such as wind; and generation, relating to the core function of Infigen’s business - renewable energy generation.
The Infigen identity is inspired by what we do as a business: we harness natural, renewable energy from the environment. The ‘Energised Landscape’ represents the abundance of natural, sustainable energy and also hints at the scale of opportunity for Infigen’s business growth. Positioned on the horizon of this landscape is the ‘Infigen Window’ that symbolises the harnessing of this limitless energy source.

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