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Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC

Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC  (Visit website)

Middletown , CT

Energy Producers- Developers

Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC is a Connecticut-based solar integrator that specializes in solar financing, system design, project implementation, coordination, long‐term system monitoring and maintenance. By working with a variety of manufacturers and taking advantage of the most cutting edge technology available, Greenskies is able to optimize each project site, creating a customized solar system that will generate solar energy at its peak performance.

Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) team includes Centerplan Construction Company LLC and BL Companies LLC. As a top‐tier construction management firm, Centerplan brings decades of industry knowledge and expertise. With an impeccable reputation and pristine track record of safety and client satisfaction, Centerplan handles all of Greenskies construction management on site from breaking ground to commissioning.

Each project is fully engineered by BL Companies LLC. BL Companies provides a dynamic community of world-class engineers. With more than 30 years of large‐scale design experience in both the public and private sectors, they provide an essential resource for the structural, civil and electrical planning required to build highly efficient solar systems.

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