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Pegasus Energy Partners, LLC

Pegasus Energy Partners, LLC  (Visit website)

Danville , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

Renewable Energy includes a wide range of assets and related infrastructure associated with both fuel production and electric power generation. Renewable energy assets produce electric power from naturally replenishing or otherwise inexhaustible resources. Renewable energy technologies include wind, biofuels, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.
Renewable Energy is the fastest growing segment of the global energy sector, as a result of the coming together of several trends in recent years: market forces, technological innovation and enhanced policies and regulations motivated by the desire of governments to promote domestic energy sources, diversify energy supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate new types of economic activity. The rapid growth of the renewable energy sector is bringing about a large number of opportunities for private equity, including development of new assets, associated infrastructure and service companies; buyout and consolidation of existing assets; partnerships with balance sheet players; and post- R&D technology deployment.

Renewable Energy power assets generally have low exposure to commodity price volatility, either possessing a regulated, government-backed revenue stream or a long-term off take contract with a utility supplier, which are subject to increasingly aggressive renewable energy mandates in many countries. Renewable energy is therefore viewed as one of the most attractive types of asset for receiving project finance.
The energy and power industry includes a wide range of products and services representing approximately $8 trillion in asset value and $4 trillion in annual revenues. Integral to all major economies, the industry is driven by a confluence of geopolitical and economic interests.

The current transformation of the energy industry is creating market inefficiencies and dislocations that require significant capital investment and exceptional management teams.

Pegasus Energy Partners, LLC is prepared to participate in an active and opportunistic role in the ongoing restructuring of the energy industry. We believe the company’s insight, network of relationships, execution expertise, and understanding of the business fundamentals make Pegasus Energy Partners, LLC an attractive investment.

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