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Home Performance Construction

Home Performance Construction  (Visit website)

Bay Shore , NY

Energy Producers- Developers

In Home Performance, we help people make their homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy. Our customers are people whose energy bills are too high, have rooms that get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, have young children, or anyone in their home with asthma or allergies.

Our first step is to test their home with new technology based on the applied physics of Building Science. Powersmith technicians bring specialized equipment to do the testing. This equipment includes combustion analyzers, blower door testers, and infrared cameras that see into walls among other devices.

We collect a large amount of data and create an energy model to understand exactly how our customers are using the energy in their home. With this information we create a Powersmith Whole Home Solution to solve their problems and provide them with the best performing house possible.

Our own specially trained and certified crews then come to their home to implement the solution. When the job is finished, our customers feel the difference immediately. We also test their home again to prove scientifically that we did what we said we were going to do.

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