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City & State: Brea , CA
Industry type: Energy Producers- Developers
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Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, which includes the product brands of AP Services, Enertech, Nova, QualTech NP, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Canada (CWNC) and Scientech offers a comprehensive range of products and services that support the global nuclear power industry. Our advanced technologies and innovative solutions have been used in operating reactors for over 55 years, sustaining the safe and reliable operation of nuclear plants throughout the world. We continuously provide technologies and experience in support of Plant Life Extension and Extended Power Uprate programs and offer proactive solutions to critical plant obsolescence issues.

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear has proven its long-term commitment to serve the nuclear power industry. We will be there in the future to provide next-generation technology, equipment, services and experience, and we stand ready to support our industry’s complex and evolving requirements.
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