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Name : Michael Samuel
Industry Type : COO
City & State : Houston , TX
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Michael Samuel

Sugar Land, TX 77479 • (847) 421-1784 •


Executive Summary

COO: Relationship Builder | Strategy Implementation | Revenue Generation


Dynamic COO with 10 years’ experience in empathic leadership, corporate strategy, alliance management. A results-oriented executive with a strong background in revenue management, having managed over $3MM in sales. Thought leader capable of translating complex operational concepts into effectively communicated work plans.


Professional Experience

ULTRecovery Corporation, Houston TX                                                     05/2019-Present

Chief Operating Officer

  • Create and build new relationships for business development, strategic partnerships, and fundraising

  • Customer focused empathetic selling.

  • Coaching leadership maximizing team effectiveness.

  • Capital fund raising valuation: income approach, ROI, and asset based.

  • System improvements designed to achieve key performance indicators.


New Aero Technology, Houston TX                                                            04/2017-05/2019

Vice President of Operations

  • Defined company strategies and path steps for team members.

  • Developed product offerings in enhanced oil recovery, soil remediation, paraffin, and water re-use.

  • Ensured effective communication among clients and New Aero team.

  • Secured phase I DOE/SBIR funding for well stimulation tests in tight reservoirs, $150,000.

  • Developed a successful biochemical formulation and pilot process increasing unconventional oil recovery 9-12%.


Glori Energy Ltd., Houston, TX

Operations Manager                                                                                       06/2014-10/2016

  • International project management through consultant training, equipment design, and quality assurance.  $3 MM managed.

  • Increased gross margin through reduction of COGS while creating safer operations.

  • Presented technical and operational portfolio to key decision makers advancing the sales cycle.

  • Strengthened and maintained client relationships with empathetic service and response.

  • Managed logistics and chemical blending for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR).

  • Managed field trials of water treatment systems to vet compatibility with MEOR treatment.  Systems: Hydraulic and mechanical IGF, and various chemical adsorption technologies.

Field Services Manager                                                                                              01/2012-06/2014

  • Fostered business development through client presentations highlighting technical and operational abilities.

  • Ensured existing client’s expectations in field service and process implementation were exceeded.

  • Designed hydrocarbon removal system for produced water recycling program.

  • Collaborated with technology team for field trial of water treatment systems to increase the number of candidate oil fields for MEOR treatment.  Systems: Corrugated plate separation, chemical flocculation, and membrane filtration.

  • Designed and directed manufacturing of 6 nutrient injection skids. Mechanical design considerations: dosage pump, air compressor, SCADA package, and mass flow controller selection.

Microbial Process Engineering Manager                                                       04/2007-01/2012

  • Developed microbial consortium and nutrient formulation for MEOR that increased oil production 50% in a 3 well pilot for a period of 6-10 months in a hyper saline and elevated temperature environment.

  • International management of a 3-month paraffin removal program of 20 gas lift oil producing wells in Ahmedabad, India. 

  • Established microbiology/analytical chemistry/core flood laboratory including, procurement of equipment, constructing specialized equipment, and creating standard operating procedures.

  • Utilized computed tomography to study oil saturation changes induced by MEOR in rock core samples at the DOE-NETL laboratory in West Virginia. 

  • Collaborated with a super major in using magnetic resonance imaging to visualize relative oil and water saturation changes attributed to MEOR in rock core samples.


Coskata Inc., Warrenville, IL

Biocatalyst Engineer                                                                                       08/2006-04/2007

  • Implemented C1 cellulosic fermentation utilizing synthesis gas as a microbial substrate to produce ethanol.  Major considerations included maximizing gas mass transfer to the biological system.

  • Established the laboratory including equipment and supply procurement.

  • Developed initial lab and pilot scale fermentation plans.


Gas Technology Institute, Environmental Science and Forensic Chemistry, Des Plaines, IL

Scientist                                                                                                                                               01/2005-07/2006

  • Addressed DOE funding proposal: 180,000 awarded.

  • Studied biomass conversion techniques that allowed for methane production from varied waste streams.  Major considerations included fermenter design, feed automation, and monitoring.

  • Completed feasibility remedial action study for a superfund site.

  • Managed laboratory operations.






Rice University, Houston, TX                                                                                   05/2020

Jones Graduate School of Business                                                                                     

Master of Business Administration


Iowa State University, Ames, IA                                                                              2012-2014

Graduate Level Mechanical Engineering Coursework                                          


University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA                                                                              12/2000

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology,                                                                                                        




Karicherla, P., Clement, B.G., Kozicki, K.M., Samuel, M.B., Meling, T., (2016).  Custom Biological Produced Water Treatment Yields Fast Oil Recovery Boost in Waterflood.  Journal of Petroleum Technology, 24-27.


Samuel M.B., Nimitz K.E., Gaubert, B., Swider, C., (2016).  Offshore Chemical Injection Skid for use in Biological Enhanced Oil Recovery (BEOR), OTC-27173Paper presented at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, 2–5 May 2016. 


Jin X., Pavia M., Samuel M., Shah S., Zhang R., Thompson J., (2019).  Field Pilots of Unconventional Shale EOR in the Permian Basin, URTeC 506.  Paper presented at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, Denver, Colorado, 22-24 July 2019.
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