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Physicist/Nuclear Engineer - Washington DC


U.S. Air Force

Job Location:

Washington , DC

Industry Type: Facility - Building Owners
Job Description:
The Air Force performs some of the most advanced scientific operations in the world. Which is why Air Force Physicists and Nuclear Engineers are some of the most advanced scientists in their field. These officers conduct and manage programs and projects to support highly technical operations and intelligence. With focus in areas ranging from lasers, electro-optics and semiconductors to nuclear weapons and technology, these experts provide knowledge integral to completing our missions.
Company Description: Birthplace, home and future of aerospace 'Wright-Patt' is one of the largest, most diverse and organizationally complex Air Force installations. Past, present and future are inextricably linked here, from the pioneering flights of the Wright brothers to the development of today's most advanced aircraft and aerial systems. Missions for the base's units vary from acquisition and logistics management, to research and development, advanced education, flight operations, and a vast array of other activities.

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