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Mechanical Nuclear Engineer - Procurement - FL


FPL Group (Florida Power & Light)

Job Location:

Palm Beach , FL

Industry Type: Energy Producers- Developers
Job Description:
The Nuclear Engineer focuses on the Technical Services within the companys Integrated Supply Chain department. Provides consistency in application and standardization for procurement engineering evaluations/reviews including classifications, commercial grade dedications, item equivalency evaluations and material analysis wherever possible and appropriate. Establish material safety classifications and quality levels by researching design and regulatory documents. Establish procurement methodology including developing Commercial Grade Dedication criteria. Support Nuclear Fleet corrective action program.
Company Description: FPL, this acronym stands for Florida Power & Light, which is one of the biggest and fastest-growing electric companies in the United States. They have been providing cost-effective electric services to their customers for over 80 years and nowadays, they count with over 4.3 million of them. Florida Power & Light Company is one of the largest, fastest-growing and top-performing electric utilities in the nation. In 2007, FPL's average number of customer accounts grew by 87,000 to 4.5 million. FPL uses a diverse mix of fuels at its power plants to generate reliable electricity. Because of its fuel mix, FPL is recognized as a clean-energy company, with one of the lowest emissions profiles among U.S. utilities. In fact, coal - the highest carbon emitting fuel - makes up almost 50 percent of the national fuel mix. By comparison, FPL currently obtains most of its electricity (52 percent) from clean-burning natural gas. Nuclear power, which produces no greenhouse gas emissions, is responsible for another significant portion (19 percent) of power production. As Florida continues to grow, it is FPL's responsibility to plan new power plants to ensure that electricity needs are met while preserving Florida's environment. FPL is working with state regulators to find a balanced approach by considering the benefits of each type of fuel source to continue to supply reliable, clean energy at a stable price.

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