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Why go Nuclear with your Career?

The answer is very simple, Nuclear Energy is the zero-emission clean energy source of the future. Nuclear Power is the REAL GREEN ENERGY and provides the largest source of green energy employment opportunities. The nuclear industry is the most highly capitalized industry worldwide, and one that offers nuclear professionals an exceptional career future, with exceptional pay. In fact, a single nuclear power plant creates more jobs than any other type of energy generation facility. It is estimated that the nuclear industry in the USA along employs nearly 475,000 people in high-quality, long-term jobs when you include secondary jobs - all who earn on average more than 20 percent higher than those of other electricity generation sources.

The nuclear industry is a robust and growing field in both energy, and medicine. America will continue to consume greater amounts of power, and nuclear energy is a critical means to meeting that demand, affordably and reliably without contributing to climate change. The nuclear industry generates over $50 billion each year in electricity sales, and billions in medical diagnostics and treatments. Nuclear utilities and nuclaer energy companies, nuclear engineering and nuclear research firms, medical and healthcare organizations all need professional nuclear workers across a broad range of disciplines.

Most experts will agree that we must downgrade intermittent, carbon-reliant wind and solar and replace the carbon burners at every power plant with modern reactors because, as we electrify our transportation industries, we will need the real green energy that only safe, 24/7 nuclear power can provide.

The future in clean, affordable, sustainable energy is Nuclear Energy, which means nuclear job seekers will be given significant upside growth in job creation for everything nuclear.

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